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I am about to go on a journey. If I ever come back home—I definitely won’t be the same.

But, that’s still a few days away. Today, I’ve got packing to do, family to wish good-bye, friends to have last drinks with, and lovers to give promises...
that I probably can’t keep.

Wanderlust is a storytelling game for 2-4 Players. You work together to tell the story of a single protagonist—The Wanderer—who is preparing to leave on an important journey.

The Players take turns framing a scene using a series of prompts and taking notes and sketching in The Wanderer's journal as the Wanderer says good-bye to the people and places that are important to them.

What's Included

  • Core Rules - A 32 page rule book explaining how to play the game.
  • Event Cards - A set of Event Cards to be printed onto card stock and cut along the crop marks.
  • The Wanderer's Journal - An 8-page booklet that serves as your character sheet. It is intended to be printed onto 2 double-sided sheets of letter-sized paper (flip on short edge) and folded into a booklet.
  • Roll20 Assets - A .zip file containing .jpg versions of the Event Cards and The Wanderer's Journal along with instructions for configuring and playing Wanderlust on Roll20.

Early Release

This is an early release version of the game. The main thing currently missing is the art, which is in progress. Updated files will be added here and available to anyone who has already purchased the game.

The final version of the game will include:

  • The complete Core Rules with B&W art in 3 formats: screen-ready, printable booklet, and spreads. It will be formatted for both letter-sized and A4 paper.
  • The Wanderer's journal in 3 formats: screen-ready, printable booklet, and spreads. It will be formatted for both letter-sided and A4 paper.
  • Double-sided Event Cards with Wanderlust's built-in safety rules included in the design of the back of the Event Cards.
  • An Appendix that will include facilitator advice, design notes, quick start settings, and alternate versions of the game, including a variation meant for creating backstories for Characters intended to be used in other TTRPGs.

Watch a Play Through!

Special thanks to Lorai and Chaotic Lawful, Inc for hosting Pro-Bono Week, an 8-day streaming charity event, which raised 5000€ for the Equal Justice Initiative, Mind UK, and the Covid-19 Response UK.

Click here if you are unable to watch via the embeded video below.

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A Caffeinated Hedgehog Game
Written and Illustrated by Star West Morgan


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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Development log


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The Wanderlust Booklet file in the Letter sized ZIP seems to be corrupted. It contains no data when I open it.

Thank you for letting me know! I will look into what's causing the issue and get an update out as soon as I can.


No problem!

I think I fixed the problem. The updated fixed booklet .pdf should be in the new Wanderlust (v2023-03-22) [Letter].zip file.


That seems to have fixed it!


Great! Glad to hear it works now!


I played Wanderlust with my kid, and it was a beautiful and wonderful game that had a unique mix of fun moments and bittersweet (in a good way) tones.  It utilizes both journaling and drawing (so even those who don't want to or can't write can participate in creating the story), and it allows everyone in the group to be a player and have equal stake in the character's journey.  

This was a fantastic game, and I highly recommend checking out.  You can also find out more details about gameplay, mechanics, and my kid's thoughts here!



Wanderlust is a countdown to uncertainty.

As a group, you tell the story of a traveler getting ready to leave on a journey---and that journey could be death if you want to ball up your fist and plexus-punch yourself in the feels---but regardless it's going to change the wanderer, and there's no guarantee they'll come back.

Still, this is a game with a comfortable, thoughtful, introspective vibe to it. It's Ryuutama, but played before you play Ryuutama. The Wanderer is headed into danger and transformation, but they haven't left yet.

Wanderlust is 16 pages, with some nice black and white illustrations, and it's mostly a multiplayer storytelling game. You don't really roll dice and overcome challenges. You narrate and suggest and try to hit emotional beats that your group will appreciate.

Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone who wants an emotionally intense game about a little moment that often gets neglected in epic fantasy. Despite it being about beginnings, I think it also makes a really strong epilogue to a campaign, if you can figure out a way to match it to your narrative. Players who want mechanical challenge might get frustrated here, as that isn't what this is about, but players who want to feel something from their game will absolutely achieve that.

Minor sidenote: if you're downloading this for your computer/tablet, make sure you grab the "Screen-Ready" version.  The booklet versions are designed to be printed, and will be chopped up and out of order if you read them on a screen.


Wow! Huge thanks for taking the time to look over my work and for your kind thoughts! I'm really glad you liked the game.

Also, I loved reading through Rod, Reel, & Fist, and I hope I'll get a chance to actually play it sometime soon!


Wanderlust was a really cool read! And I'm glad you enjoyed Rodreel!


Very nice to see you've more or less completed this game and are putting it out there!  I really enjoyed the few playtests I was involved in a few years ago.  Kudos!

Hey Davey! I'm glad you had fun way back when. I hope you get a chance to give it a whirl again and that you and the rest of your family are doing well.


You too (my wishes for wellness to you and yours).  

Everyone is doing pretty well here.  My wife's law practice is slow for sure, but she's keeping the doors open.  Teaching high schoolers online is weird but some aspects are still very positive and cool even virtually.  Daughters are healthy and happy :)